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Our Product & Service

Water Fountains
Water fountains enhance houses, hotels, and gardens with customizable sizes and multicolored LED lighting. Constructed for durability with copper nozzles, they feature multimedia control for ease of use. These fountains serve decorative purposes, requiring minimal maintenance while offering long-lasting appeal in various settings, blending aesthetics with functionality.
Swimming Pool Construction
Swimming pool construction caters to hotels, residences, farmhouses, and private estates with custom sizes and colors. Built for durability and aesthetics, designs prioritize safety and functionality under strict standards. Maintenance ensures water quality, structural integrity, and enhances property values, offering recreational amenities across hospitality, residential, and leisure sectors.
Steam & Sauna Bath Equipment
Our dedicated team of architects provides comprehensive Steam and Sauna Bath room design, installation, and maintenance services. With a commitment to meeting client timelines and budgets, we ensure close collaboration to fulfill exact requirements without altering layouts. Our sauna baths feature high-quality accessories like temperature control, timer, seating arrangements, and sauna stones, tailored to client specifications for optimal comfort and relaxation.
Swimming Pool Construction Projects
We specialize in swimming pool construction for commercial and residential buildings, using high-quality materials like FRP and glass mosaic tiles. Our service includes installing filtration systems for water purity and is customizable to client specifications. We emphasize timely project completion and collaborate closely with customers, considering factors like site inspection, space, budget, and deadlines.
Swimming Pools Maintenance Service
We offer customer-centric Swimming Pool Maintenance Services, covering design, construction, repair, and upkeep. Our skilled professionals use superior materials and advanced techniques to ensure hassle-free management and prompt service delivery. Renowned for their durability, flawless finish, and attractive design, our services cater to the precise requirements of our esteemed clients.
Jacuzzi Pool
Our comprehensive Jacuzzi service covers design, construction, repair, and maintenance for hotels and residential buildings. Our skilled team uses artistic creativity, quality materials, and advanced techniques to craft luxurious designs tailored to client preferences. All work is overseen by experienced architects, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effectiveness.
Swimming Pools Accessories
Swimming pool accessories such as chilled showers are made from stainless steel, with customizable colors, shapes, and sizes tailored to customer specifications. Powered by AC, they are engineered for durability and efficiency, enhancing poolside environments in hotels, resorts, and residential settings with practical and aesthetic benefits.

We Provide Our Products and Services in West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, Odisha, Alipurduar
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